Be FABULOUS Lipstick live show

Be FABULOUS Lipstick live show


CMI Industries Beauty Tech Division

Thirty years of experience and presence on the market make CMI Industries a leader in the bottling industry, thanks to specific criteria of quality, reliability and competence, certified by the major international bodies, and including the design and construction of innovative systems for the processing and the packaging.

Founded in 2014, the Beauty Tech Division is an internal dedicated division, composed by a team of experienced and highly trained professionals who have developed for CMI technologically advanced solutions, new on the market, such as CONTACT, the revolutionary lipstick machine for cosmetics like lipstick, stylo-gloss, lip balm, foundation, concealer and color-stick.

CMI is choosen by some of the most important international producers of make-up, thanks to the versatility of the processes, performances exceeding traditional production standards, with a particular sensitivity to the transformation of the product that optimizes the final quality of the product.


CMI Industries @ Cosmoprof Las Vegas

The great success of CONTACT goes also through the debut at Cosmoprof 2015 in Bologna, where an intense collaboration is born which contributed to render CMI a well-established reality and a point of reference in the field of innovation in the cosmetic field.

In 2017 this collaboration goes beyond overseas and gives birth to a new project, an original event for the Cosmoprof Las Vegas fair: a lipstick live show will take place on stage, featuring the “FABULOUS”, the lipstick expression of Italian excellence, born from the synergy of three leading international cosmetics companies.

The bulk formula is by Intercos, a brand that does not need any presentations and has been producing top quality cosmetics worldwide for over 40 years; The process of transformation is entrusted to CMI and the innovative technology of the lipstick machine CONTACT; Packaging design and decoration are Lumson, Europe’s leading brand for packaging systems for cosmetics.



Be “FABULOUS” Lipstick live show


The event will last three days, in conjunction with Cosmoprof Las Vegas, @ CMI Industries n. 21195.


Three appointments per day, three live production slots of the “FABULOUS” lipstick.

at 11 a.m. – at 2 p.m. – at 4 p.m. of 9th – 10th – 11th of July