CMI Pharma Tech Division

CMI: when hygiene is absolute priority

Hygiene and safety are key factors for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, and we know it very well. An effective cleaning system that meets the most stringent standards is just as important as the high quality of the ingredients.
The choice of the washing process is changing in accordance with the packaging plant supplied and CMI is able to offer the best solution in always supporting the customer from the beginning of the project design.

CMI filling systems can be equipped with the most known washing and sanitizing systems CIP/SIP. Other than the above indicated systems, as a result of the experience in the field, CMI has patented the ULTRA CLEANING ELECTONIC SYSTEM, dedicated to the production field where special hygiene needs are required and adaptable to any liquid type with reduced cleaning costs.

The ULTRA CLEANING or CIP system as well as the SIP sterilization processes carry out the plants automatic cleaning without dismantling or modification to the operational framework.


  • Optimised cleaning times
  • Minimised dwell time
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Reduction in cost of the materials thanks to the controlled use of the cleaning products
  • Conformity to the cleaning parameters required and their monitoring (flow rate, concentration and temperature)
  • Electronic management of the washing CIP and sterilization SIP

CMI: when technology is the future

For more than 30 years CMI has invested in technology, its best resource to design and implement innovative systems for filling and capping.
Our extensive experience combined with constant attention to research, allows us to respond to the different demands and achieve new goals every day, anticipating the market’s expectations.


Today’s cosmetics market package offers to the public a wide variety of shapes and sizes that, in addition to attracting the consumer must be able to ensure the integrity and preservation of the product.

CMI solutions for packaging, other than maintaining strong principles of safety and reliability, are characterized by a high level of flexibility and cleaning, meeting the demands of a dynamic market.


The design and construction criteria covering the full production cycle of CMI, are in compliance with GMP guidelines for pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical, meeting the standards globally adopted and can be seamlessly integrated with other packaging systems.