UltraCleaning System

UltraCleaning Electronic System is washing and sanitizing in reduced times the internal parts of the bottling machines thus determining remarkable advantages.

  • Reduction of the washing times of the hydraulic parts up to85%
  • Reduction of the washing liquids consumption up to 75%
  • Reduction of the handling costs thanks to the electronic planning in accordance with the detergent liquid.

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UltraCleaning washing process is carried out internally without dismantling the parts of the plant.

The innovative solution patented by CMI, suitable for washing the hydraulic circuits of the bottling machines, specifically designed to facilitate the plants cleaning by means of electronic management.

Patent nr. TO2005A000582

Logyka automatic bottling machines always more and more technologically advanced

UltraCleaning Electronic System is suitable to CMI models serial Logyka:
bottling machines specifically suitable for filling foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical liquids.
Series Logyka is differing thanks to the advanced technology and the friendly use; among the advantages, we find:

  • maximum accuracy of the filled volumes
  • simple to use
  • easy volume change over and possibility of 99 programmable recipes
  • quick change over of different container dimensions and fill volumes.

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Models of series Logyka can be manufactured according toEuropean Norms 94/9/CE ATEX.

UltraCleaning Electronic System is the washing device used for the cleaning of the difficult materials such as: paints, adhesives, dyes and similar.

Time reduction, cost savings.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the UltraCleaning, extended stops of your plant during the production will be avoided since:

  • you will not have to dismantle the parts of the hydraulic circuit in case of change of filling liquid
  • washing operation will be automatically managed thus reducing the costs in an effective way.

Washing process is completely automated and is managed from the machine control panel. The machine activated is checking the washing flow issues. The jets synergy emits such a power that washing liquid particles “explode” on the surface, rendering the manifold perfectly clean in a very short time thus reducing the washing liquid consumption.

UltraCleaning Electronic System is supplied complete with software for the handling of the cleaning recipes according to the type of fluid.

Washing process

4 Phase 1: Detail of a manifold dirty of paint.
4 Phase 2: UltraCleaning Electronic System is activating by an electronic switchboard. The washing system set is removing the dirt.
4 Phase 3:Without dismantling the plant, all the parts are cleaned and ready for a new product.