Mascara machine VENUS

Mascara machine VENUS

Mascara and lipgloss stainless steel machine



Technical description

  • Pick & Place device for automatic placing of rubber insert and brushes
  • Double chamber nozzles for synchronized single vacuum and dosing operation
  • Product feeding by means of hydraulic circuit without the use of flexible parts
  • Single/double hopper and dosing group installed on an removable frame
  • Stainless Steel frame with safety guards with anodized aluminium profiles and panels in transparent plastic material (glass version available on demand)
  • Semi-automatic loading of containers and brushes to facilitate small batch production
  • Double operating panel (one for each service side) with multi-function display
  • Control of correct positioning of containers



  • Easy format changes (product containers)
  • Ergonomic post for the manual charging of containers and caps
  • Both cold and hot dosage of two different product
  • Vacuum dosage to prevent product leakage (mascara) and oxidation (lip-gloss)
  • Main operations managed by electronic units  with functions control directly from the control panel
  • Semi-automatic management for facilitating the small productions


Suitable for:

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