ALPHASOL – Aerosol filling evolution 

ALPHASOL is born from 30 years experience in the filling automation process and from the knowhow of the most advanced technologies.

The mission is to innovate the aerosol filling process and to define new design and production standards for traditional and BOV aerosol systems.

The concept is to offer intelligent and flexible sistems with innovative and patented electronic control during the process.

The well established expertise of the most advanced technologies for aerosol allows ALPHASOL to define new high standards, for the designing and the construction.

The first complete line installed – the video

  • Complete automatic aerosol filling line
  • Suitable for traditional aerosol products
  • Triple pitch system
  • Production rate 6.000 cph

FOCUS: innovative electronic dosing system® developped by ALPHASOL (patent pending).

The customer is a leading company specialized in the production of aerosols in cosmetics and medical devices.


The first complete line installed – the video


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