MIRAY® automatic capping machines

MIRAY is a fully automatic capping machine, which ensures high output (from 1.800 pcs/h up to 18.000 pcs/h) and extremely quick and easy size changeover. This capping machine is suitable for processing both straight and inclined neck bottles, triggers, dispensers, pre-threaded caps, press-on and oriented press-on caps.

MIRAY capping machine is available in different configurations, according to the cap and production requirements:

  • Single or multiple capping heads
  • Made of stainless steel or plastic material
  • GMP version, ATEX version



Fully automatic machine for ensuring better timing, improved efficiency and simplified functioning.


Suitable for processing different sizes and shapes of both caps and containers


Quick and easy size changeover: switch from a size to another in few steps

Technical features:

  • Fully automatic management
  • Pick &Place System
  • Linear conveyor for triggers/dispensers/caps
  • Automatic pre-straighten of the straw
  • Electronic cam controlled by brushless motor
  • SCREWMASTER® patented screwing system for checking cap tightening torque and correct orientation over the bottle
  • Programmed lubrification system


MIRAY® quick size changeover:

  • Tool-free replacement of star-wheels and side rails
  • Tool-free replacement of cap picking system and rails
  • Sensor for detection of bottle height
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