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The global pandemic has put everyone in front of a serious challenge. CMI has decided to face this challenge with courage. We have always tried to do our best to safeguard the safety and health of our customers, employees and suppliers without forgetting their needs. For this reason, we believe it is essential to outline the main current guidelines and plans for the future.

As Marco Labbadini (board of directors’ member) said: “At the outbreak of the pandemic, CMI management promptly launched an action plan aimed primarily at protecting workers’ health. In the initial management of this crisis, the objective was to rethink and reorganize the activities of the whole Group in order to be perfectly compliant with the standards set by the regulatory protocol for measures to combat and contain the spread of the Corona virus in the workplace signed between the government and the social partners. We therefore launched a detailed operational plan that led us to restart production activities in complete safety both for workers active in the company and for those engaged in smart working. Among the actions of this plan we imagined it was important to guarantee our customers the utmost attention so that our products were respectful of the health requirements and for this purpose we introduced a sanitization process for the machines produced and marketed.”

Franco Comoli, our Founder and board of directors’ president, said: “Since I founded this company in 1982, I have always put the health of my collaborators, suppliers and customers first. With the advent of Covid19 we have further increased our protections by adopting solutions that allow us to work in total safety. The latest addition was an ozone sanitizing machine, one of those also used in health centers, for operating rooms for example. Ozone is recognized by the WHO as the most effective disinfectant against all types of microorganisms. The germicidal activity of ozone is based on its high direct oxidation capacity: thanks to this quality, all the structures of the macromolecular cells, both microbial and non-microbial, such as mold and bacteria are deeply altered, decompose and disappear, without leaving residues; only oxygen. It is therefore a rapid, complete and residue-free germicidal action. Do not overlook another advantage, ozone eliminates all types of odors. Our customers will then receive a safe, sanitized machine. Ready to be installed”

Ozone is a very powerful disinfectant that has been used in many countries to disinfect equipments, offices,  clean rooms or many other critical points. We have chosen this method of disinfection because it has several advantages:

  • It is a more powerful Bactericide and Virucide than chlorine.
  • It is deodorizing, eliminates bad odours.
  • Ecological treatment: it does not leave residues.
  • It is safer: it is not necessary to buy or store dangerous chemicals.

The germicidal activity of OZONE is based on its high direct oxidation capacity: thanks to this quality, all the macromolecular structures of microbial cells (moulds, bacteria, yeasts, viruses, etc.) are deeply altered, decompose and disappear without leaving any residue apart from oxygen. In short, a fast, complete and residue-free germicidal action. As we have already pointed out, and according to the WHO, ozone is the most efficient disinfectant for all types of microorganisms.

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