CONTACT lipstick machine


Born from a highly innovative technology, CONTACT is a fully automatic and integrated machine for processing lipstick, lip gloss, stick foundation, concealer and lip balm.

Thanks to several patents, CONTACT overcomes problems related to temperature, avoiding thermal shocks, which are very common in traditional filling lines, and reaching very high esthetical quality of the product.


CONTACT 190 PLUS – up to a 3.600 pcs/h

CONTACT 190 – from 1.800 up to 2.200 pcs/h

CONTACT 110 – from 900 up to 1.200 pcs/h

CONTACT 68 – from 500 up to 700 pcs/h

CONTACT 50 – (semi-automatic) 400 pcs/h

Technical features:

  • Fully automated operations for models 190/110/68: Dosing – Cooling – Sticks demoulding – Containers loading – Stick/containers matching- Stick screwing – Mould heating
  • Volumetric dosing system, speed and processing parameters are adjustable by electronics
  • Diving nozzles with feedback control which adjusts raising speed according to dosing speed
  • Stainless steel frame with anodized aluminum guards and transparent plastic panels
  • Safety guards with magnetic closure micro
  • Single or double melting unit with integrated control panel: this solution allows melting unit to work in automatic mode and semi-automatic independently from production line.
  • Moulds cooling tunnel divided into three areas having different temperatures
  • Touch screen control panel with multifunction display and 999 recipes storage capability
  • Integrated modem for efficient and reliable remote assistance
  • Patent registered


  • Extremely easy size changeover
  • High flexibility: the machine is suitable for processing a wide range of stick sizes and shapes
  • Few tools required for size changeover
  • Reduced energy consumptions thanks to energy recovery systems integrated into heating and cooling tunnels
  • Double melting unit for a quick changeover of bulk or in case of processing lipstick with unusual configurations
  • Touch screen panel for a fully automatic control of the whole process
  • Both metal and silicone soft moulds available
  • The machine is equipped with cameras which enable the supervision of production steps and support customer in process optimization


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