KAMELEON Pressed powders machine

A revolutionary dosing and pressing system for cosmetic powders is born: KAMELEON is a fully automatic and integrated machine designed for production of mono and multicolor pressed powders in pans.

KAMELEON introduces a new advanced concept of flexibility on different levels, concerning product – mono or multicolor – and production planning thanks to modular configuration and modules implementation, even over time.

Technical features:

  • Powder loading from production bag by suction and multi-vacuum system -> no contamination and reduced machine downtime for powder loading
  • Powder dosing and refining system with anodizing surface treatment aluminum alloy components -> maximum protection against corrosion, wear, non-stick and friction. Suitable for food contact– NFS51 (patent pending)
  • Pre-compacting system without canvas with anodized aluminum alloy molds
  • (Optional) GHA surface treatment molds with FDA certification – low friction non-stick coating inhibits surface bacterial proliferation
  • Non-contact transport system of powder cakes (patent pending)
  • Mechatronic system ensuring control of speed, position and pressing force in closed loop, replacing traditional hydraulic components
  • Double touch screen control panel with access management system and 999 recipes storage capability
  • Pan pallet system adjustable according to different shapes and sizes
  • Electronic control of size changeover assembly
  • Remote assistance in compliance with industry 4.0 standards
  • Modular compacting system and aspiration spots ensuring maximum neatness of final product
  • Glass protection panels ensuring ergonomic optimization thanks to automatic vertical sliding
  • Cameras monitoring production process, automatic detention and selection of rejected products
  • (Optional) Pads can be loaded manually or by automatic feeder
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