VENUS mascara machine

Thanks to its innovative technology, VENUS stands out from traditional filling lines for mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss and liquid foundation.

Overtaking previous design standards and following revolutionary dosing criteria, VENUS filling station with double chamber nozzles connected to vacuum generator has become an industry benchmark.

The ergonomic workstation for manual loading from both sides of the machine optimizes working space and simplifies operations.


  • Extremely easy size changeover
  • Cold filling and hot filling options
  • Filling station with vacuum system: avoids leaks and product oxidation, allows perfect connection between container and wiper inserted
  • Removable filling unit which can be pulled out for easier changeover
  • Ergonomic work station for manual loading

Technical features:

  • Pick &Place system for automatic placing of wiper inserts and brushes
  • Double chamber nozzles for synchronized single vacuum and dosing operations
  • Control of correct positioning of containers
  • Removable dosing unit with double hoppers
  • Stainless Steel frame, anodized aluminium safety guards and transparent plastic panels (glass version available on demand)
  • Semi-automatic loading of containers and brushes in case of small batch production
  • Double operating (one on each service side) touch screen control panel with multifunction display and 999 storage capability
  • Hydraulic circuit without any flexible component
  • Integrated modem for efficient and reliable remote assistance
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