Labelling machines

  • Linear or rotary
  • Self-adhesive, roll-feed, hot melt glue
  • Available with one or two labelling heads, linear or rotary version
  • From 1 up to 6 labelling heads with no stop version
  • Machines are designed to process different bottles sizes made of different materials (plastic, metal or glass)
  • Output from 200 pcs/h up to 30.000 pcs/h

Types of Machines

ETIMATIK HOT MELT automatic rotary hot melt labelling machine ideal for the aplicaton of wrap-around labels, suitable for processing cylindrical, square and oval containers made of glass, metal or plastic

  • Application of labels my means of Hot-melt glue system
  • Number of labels which can be applied: 1
  • Output speed according to the model, up to 600 bpm, from 2.000 pcs/h up to 36.000 pcs/h
  • Equipped with two applicators by rollers
  • With rotating holding platforms processing cylindrical contaqiners exclusively
  • With rotating holding paltform by mechanic cam for labelling cylindrial or shaped containers
  • Quick changeover parts
  • Special labelling application on large containers
  • Possibility of loading labels without stopping the machine

Acid & corrosive / Industrial & Chemical / Home & Personal Care / Food & Beverage / Parapharma & Cosmetics

EA1 EA2 automatic linear self-adhesive labelling suitable for processing round, square, rectangular and elliptical bottles

  • Bottle centerers
  • Control device ensuring bottle presence with sensitivity adjustment
  • Automatic labelling unit
  • Labelling speed adjustable by step motor
  • 300 mm Ø reel holder with unwinder
  • Rolling tape for square, rectangular and elliptical bottles
  • Bottle orbital centering devices (optional)
  • Selection scroll (optional)
  • Dry printer or thermal transfer printer (optional)
  • Electric unwinders with double reel Ø 400 (optional)

Acid & corrosive / Industrial & Chemical / Home & Personal Care / Food & Beverage / Pharma & Cosmetics

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