LOGYKA CARE filling machine


The filling process is fully managed by electronical control, with a quick size and liquid changeover, modular construction and semi ULTRA CLEANING, CIP and SIP. The machine is made of stainless steel AISI 304/316L and it’s perfect for small and big batches productions.

Technical Features:

  • High quality surface finishing
  • Components in contact with product are made of mirror polished AISI 316L
  • Suitable for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products
  • Magnetic or mass flowmeters (optimal for ultra sanitary requirements CIP/SIP/ULTRACLEANING)
  • Filling and dosing parameters managed by control panel
  • Liquid delivery nozzles regulated by control panel
  • Pulsed washing system with high technology solution ensuring complete hygiene of dosing circuit
  • Automatic washing operations (CIP and SIP) extremely quick and programmable from the control panel

On request:

  • Components in compliance with GMP directives
  • ULTRA CLEAN version
  • Volumetric dosers can be fully dismantled and sanitized
  • ATEX version

LOGYKA CARE machine can be equipped with up to 10 heads capping unit

Technical features:

  • capping heads controlled by magnetic clutch or brushless motor in order to provide maximum flexibility for processing screw caps, pressure caps and even oriented pressure caps
  • Screwing and orientation parameters managed by control panel
  • Motorized adjustment of height by control panel – available also for cap feeder and camera


LOGYKA CARE series is born from CMI Industries expertise in order to satisfy cosmetic market requirements, following design and construction criteria in compliance with GMP directives.

LOGYKA CARE is a modular solution made including filling unit and capping unit, suitable for processing liquids, fluids and high viscous products.

The innovative patented cleaning and sanitizing CIP/SIP ULTRA CLEANING ELECTRONIC SYSTEM is a plus of LOGYKA CARE, designed for production lines with specific cleaning requirements and suitable for dosing any liquid. This cleaning system allows to reduce power consumption by 75% and washing time by 85%.


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